If you have the misfortune of a loss Thiedeman Insurance Solutions will guide you through the claims process, helping to ensure a swift and fair settlement by your insurance company, to get you back to where you were before disaster struck.

*To make a claim, call us on (03) 9290 9210^

When you call us to lodge a claim, you’ll be asked to provide:

  • Your policy number or personal contact details, and the contact details of anyone involved in an incident, including their name, current address, vehicle registration details, phone number and insurance details if known
  • Any letters, notices or court documents about the incident, and the incident report number for any claims in relation to theft or attempted theft, vandalism or a malicious act (the police will provide you with this number when you report the incident to them).

You can help the claims process by:

  • Taking photos of damage to your property
  • Keeping damaged property and items so we can inspect and assess the damage if required.

If you need to submit documentation to support your claim please email or call (03) 9290 9210