Social Media: The gateway to human to human interaction

Social Media: The gateway to human to human interaction

Insurance broking and social media strategising don’t often sound like two things that go together. Some of my colleagues and peers ask, “how do you have time to focus on social media alongside everything else?”

My response to them is that businesses can’t afford not to spend time on their social media strategy. Yes, that means Insurance Brokers too.

This is because social media is the ultimate way to create warm leads, build engagement, and transfer this engagement into person-to-person interaction to secure clients and grow your business. And let’s face it, in 2017 you really can’t ignore the reach and opportunities that social media offers. It’s not such a stretch to say “everyone is on there” when you consider there are 2 billion users on Facebook, half a billion on LinkedIn and more than 300 million on Twitter.

Social media offers great potential for starting conversations with your target audience before you even engage with them in person. A great analogy I’ve read is that social media is the gateway drug to get potential clients interested in your brand.

Here’s my advice to fellow Insurance Brokers on using social media to generate interaction and get more clients:

1.      Keep up your presence

 It sounds obvious, but there’s no point in being on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on if you never post. People won’t just magically be drawn to your page and begin interacting with you. You have to draw them there.

This means you should post often, and post well. Share articles that your target audience will appreciate, write your own articles on LinkedIn, and ensure you respond to comments. It’s also a great idea to like, share and comment on relevant posts made by fellow professionals on LinkedIn, to make sure your name and your brand are seen in the news feed.

2.      Stretch your reach

 Gary Vaynerchuk shares some great tips on extending your audience reach on social media. Once you have established a strategy in terms of producing and sharing great content, experiment with growing your organic reach (i.e. unpaid reach) by using hashtags.

Often associated with Twitter, hashtags also work on LinkedIn and Facebook, and you’d be surprised how using the right ones can get your posts in front of more people. To find out which tags you should use, do a search yourself, keeping in mind the sorts of keywords that your target audience would use to find you. You can also keep an eye on other insurance businesses and brokers who have a great social media reach, and see the sorts of hashtags that they use.

3.      Create an in-person relationship

 Social media is a great way to build the initial interest and interaction with your target audience. But if you want to secure more clients, who will potentially be long-term loyal customers, it’s vital to have an in-person relationship.

This means establishing a way to transfer your online conversations to phone conversations, and possibly in-person meetings to create a real connection with you and your brand.

The possibilities for business growth using social media are seemingly endless. But it’s important to keep in mind that this is just one side of the equation, especially for insurance brokers dealing with small businesses and individuals. Use social media to establish the connection, then to create a strong business relationship, transfer this to in-person communication.

I offer a 30-minute business review session. During that session I provide my advice on if and how I can help you and your business by making sure you have the right insurance. To find out more email me at or phone 0401 109 324.

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